Dispersants, Thinners & Deflocculants

These chemicals modify the relationship between viscosity and the percentage of solids in a drilling mud, and may be used to reduce gel strength and increase a fluid’s pumpability. Thinners function as a deflocculant to reduce attraction (flocculation) of clay particles which causes high viscosity and gel strengths.

Desco Products from Bri-Chem

  • pdf   CF Desco II (Chrome Free) Data Sheet — A tannin-based product, it is effective in low concentrations in areas where the strictest environmental regulations apply. This is the chrome-free grade. Available in 25 lb. bags.
  • pdf   Desco Data Sheet — Desco Deflocculant is a proprietary tannin-based product used for rheology control in water-based drilling muds. It is readily soluble over a wide range of temperatures and is effective in low concentrations without requiring the use of caustic soda. Available in 25 lb. bags.

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