Loss Circulation Materials (LCM)

Granular loss circulation materials (also known as lost circulation materials or LCM) are added to drilling mud to help retard the loss of mud into fractures or permeable soil formations. Bri-Chem carries a variety of different LCM materials, which can be mixed together to create an LCM pill to seal the zone around the drilling area.

LCM from Bri-Chem

  • pdf   HoleSeal Product Data Sheet — Bri-Chem HoleSeal is a blended organic loss circulation material that stops or slows mud loss when drilling in fractured formations or depleted sands. It can be used with most water-based drilling fluids, and is biodegradable and nontoxic. Coarse, Medium, and Fine grades. Available in 1.5 cu ft bags.
  • Cottonseed Hulls — Available in 1.5 cu ft bags.
  • Cedar Fiber — Available in 1.5 cu ft bags.
  • Sawdust — Available in 15 lb bags.
  • Calcium Carbonate MS
  • Mica (Fine or Coarse)
  • Walnut (Coarse, Medium or Fine)
  • pdf   PhenoSeal Product Data Sheet — FORTA PhenoSeal™ lost circulation material can help cement slurries reduce fluid loss to the formation. The material is stable and insoluble in water, does not adversely affect compressive strength, and has a low specific gravity needed to control lost circulation. Pheno Seal® maintains the best cost-to-benefit ratio of any LCM product, greatly outperforming nutshells, fibers, mica and other blended materials for sealing fractures. Medium Grade. Available in 40 lb. bags or pallets of 50 bags.

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