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Flocculants are materials that are used to aggregate suspended particles. Floccuation refers to the bridging between particles by a polymer chain, causing them to form flocs or larger aggregates. These flocs float or sink, making them easier to remove from the system.

Bri-Chem Flocculant Materials and Products

  • pdf   Solution Grade Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) Data Sheet — Gypsum solubilizes in water, providing a calcium source which is needed for flocculate clays and solids in the dewatering or solids removal process. Available in 50 lb. bags.
  • pdf   MF-55 Data Sheet — A synthetic polymer, MF-55 is a liquid emulsion that minimizes the disintegration and dispersion of clays and shale. Available in 5 gallon plastic pails.
  • pdf   Calcium Nitrate (Solution Grade) Data Sheet — Yaraliva Calcinit can be used as a calcium source in water and to aid in the dewatering process and solids removal. A fine granular material, it dissolves quickly in water without any residues. Available in 50 lb. pails or 50 lb. bags.
  • pdf   HyperDrill AF 204RD Data Sheet — Hyperdrill AF 204RD is a high molecular weight, medium charge polyacrylamide supplied as a dry granular powder. When added to a water-based drilling fluid, it disperses rapidly, and is very effective in removing most solids from drilling fluids. Available in 55 lb. bags.
  • pdf   SuperFloc C496 Data Sheet — SuperFloc C496 is a highly effective cationic flocculent. SuperFloc is effective in dewatering operations and water clarification processes in which a cationic polymer is required. SuperFloc C496 demonstrates exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions. Available in 55 lb. bags.

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